Urban Achiever

Nate Allen

Episode Summary

This week my guest is indie folk and punk artist Nate Allen. Nate has a new project out under the name Good Saint Nathanael called "Hide No Truth." We talk about working in sawmills, paper routes, Green Day, Christian school, legalism, Tom Fest 98, Shorthanded playing his 17th birthday changing his life, bad times in San Francisco, seminary, workaholic tendencies, ruptured appendixes, spiritual abuse and much more! Also, there's a special guest appearance from Nate's daughter. Check it out!

Episode Notes

Good Saint Nathanael Official Website - http://goodsaintnathanael.com/

Good Saint Nathanael BandCamp - https://goodsaintnathanael.bandcamp.com

Good Saint Nathanael Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/goodsaintnathanael/